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Just a Regular Day at the Park

Our frenchies love the outside!

We treat out dogs like pets. Since, this is such a small program our dogs are not kenneled, neither our litters.

Loving My Photoshoot!

How do I look?

We specialize on health and structure. All of our dogs are small-sized, from 

16 - 19 lbs no more than that.

Looking Like a Million Bucks!

Lilac n Tan is one of the most popular colors!

Our Lilac n Tan come with an outstanding DNA at / at, no brindle, no pied, and quad carrier aka cream carriers. 

Don't You Ever Look Back!

Short, stocky, and very compact.

Loving how light this shade of lilac is, we have the lightest shades when it comes to lilacs. This is not photoshoped! they really look like this in person.

Don't You Love How Small I Am?

Don't I look precious? 

Believe it or not this little princess was ready to go her furever home in this pic. I took this picture the day before she left, she looked like a little toy. Just loveeee!

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